1. Log in to app.payredeem.com

To start buying eCards log in to your account and click on "BUY ECARDS". 

2. Select your Merchant

Select the Merchant where you wish to use your eCards by entering their name or URL.

3. eCard Summary

Check the summary to review everything is correct, then press "BUY".


Customers who are buying eCards for gaming purposes will be invited to upgrade their accounts to Tier 1.

4. Checkout

Choose a currency and how many eCards you would like to add to your cart and select the “GO TO CHECKOUT” button.

The amount you are allowed to purchase depends on the Tier of your account. 

5. Add or select a method of payment

PayRedeem offers many alternative payment methods – select the one that’s right for you and follow the instructions to add the payment method and complete the transaction. 

6. Your eCard is ready

To use your eCard, on the left panel go to "Purchased eCards", select the eCard you wish to use and click on the “COPY PIN” button. Paste at your Merchant’s checkout to pay instantly.