Some Shops accepting PayRedeem can issue an eCard as a form of payout. To get yours, simply: 

a) Request a Payout eCard by sharing your Payout Address with the Merchant. You can find your Payout Address in the "Payout eCards" section on your Dashboard

b) Go to "View All" and click on the "Get Payout" button at the top of your screen 

c) Copy the payout address by tapping on the button at the bottom

d) Paste the Payout Address into your merchant withdrawal checkout.

Note: Your full name on your merchant account must exactly match the name of the customer in our records.

e) You will find all of your Payout eCards here.

You may also spend them again just like your Standard eCards. Find out how to cash out your Payout Digital eCard in the next article.

If your merchant does not support public address integration, contact their hotline to learn how to get a payout via PayRedeem.